Red Ribbon Week at McKinley and Poland Middle School

Students and teachers around the country are celebrating Red Ribbon Week to learn more about making positive choices and leading a healthy drug-free life!  The last week in October was designated Red Ribbon Week by the US Congress in 1988.  Kids in both schools are having fun dressing up with the theme of the day!  Yesterday was Red day, today’s theme is Superheroes and tomorrow they will love dressing in 80’s and 90’s themed clothes.  The week rounds out with Favorite team day on Thursday because winners don’t do drugs and on Friday they will be showing their Poland pride by wearing Bulldog clothes!  It’s just a fun week but with a very serious message.  We can have fun and live our lives to the fullest without drugs.  The teachers are dressing with the themes as well to help spread the message of support for the students!  “We love the kids we spend our days with and want to help them to be happy and healthy” said fifth grade teacher Susie Capps.