New Beginnings at McKinley Elementary School

       The teachers at Dobbins / McKinley have seen a lot of change the past years and continue to face it head on seeing each adjustment as an opportunity to improve upon an already excellent foundation. Anticipation of another move and curriculum changes made for a very short summer. With just a little over a week before students were set to arrive, teachers were finally able to access McKinley to make it their new home. While the transition and preparation was time consuming utilizing many early mornings and late nights at the tail end of summer, there is much to be excited about as students begin to fill the halls.

The move to McKinley allows for shared resources and a curriculum that once again includes an art teacher for 3rd and 4th graders for the first time in eight years. We are very excited for our students to once again be in the hands of a fine arts specialist. The ease and accessibility for teacher conversation regarding curriculum across grade level is another aspect of the transition that is exciting to the teachers here at McKinley and the Middle School. Of course the math teachers here are diving into the new math curriculum and helping students make the move to the new program. Most of all we are collectively very proud of the recently released state report card. While we have moved from Dobbins the grade of A our students achieved follows them here to McKinley and we couldn’t be happier about their hard work and accomplishment.